My letter to the president of Ecuador regarding Julian Assange

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Honorable President Rafael Correa
Palacio de Carondelet
Plaza Grande
García Moreno St. and Chile Rd
Quito, Pichincha

Re: Harm to Latino immigrants caused by Julian Assange

Dear Mr. President:

I am an immigration attorney in Oklahoma City. It is a place that is not on the radar of those outside the USA. I imagine there is a chance you may know about my city due to the disappearance of August Reiger, a citizen of Oklahoma City, in your country who mysteriously went missing in 2013. Many of us have prayed and been thankful of the efforts made by your government for his safe return.

Due to the activities of Julian Assange meddling in the USA presidential election, my city will also be facing a situation of many disappeared. Unlike in the case of Mr. Reiger, we will know how and why these disappearances occurred.

Now, due to the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, Latino immigrants in my city face being disappeared by the federal government. These include persons from Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico… All Latino brothers and sisters.

Good people who contribute to our community through their trades, their participation in our schools, their political activism, their contributions to our charities… All face elimination from our community to due their unlawful immigration status.

Formerly, only unlawful immigrants who committed significant crimes would be deported. Now, any unlawful immigrant who committed any infraction, even a minor traffic ticket, faces deportation from the USA.

What does deportation mean? It means that fathers will be ripped from their families and sent away. It means mothers will be taken from their children. It means an older child might be taken from his parents and siblings. There is no provision in the law for family unity. Ripping families apart… That is the life faced under President Trump.

Due to the destructive behavior of Julian Assange in helping assure the election of President Trump, I am asking that you revoke his asylum and show him the door at your embassy in London. Let his feet touch the street where he can face the consequences of his actions as any real man would.

To keep providing him shelter… In light of the harm he helped cause to the Latino immigrants in the USA… Only empowers those who think of our Latino brothers and sisters as lesser beings.

Yours very truly,

Steven F. Langer