The San Bernadino terrorists’ fiancee visa petition should have been denied

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Fiancee visa petition for San Bernadino terrorists

I’ve reviewed the fiancee visa petition of the San Bernadino terrorists. All I got to say is that it should have been denied.

These reasons include:

1. There is no statement of intent to marry by the female terrorist in the supporting documents of the petition. USCIS should have issued a request for evidence and should have denied the petition if no such statement was received.

2. There is no reliable objective evidence that the two terrorists ever actually met before filing the petition. Usually, the gold standard is photos of the two together, photos of the two with the family of the foreign national, and copies of itineraries showing they were in the same place at the same time. USCIS did issue a request for evidence regarding this trouble spot but there is no evidence that evidence was provided.

3. It appears that they used a marriage broker service by their description of using a matrimonial service. However, USCIS did not require any evidence to show that the matrimonial service was not a marriage broker or to show that it complied with US law if it was a marriage broker. USCIS did not issue a request for evidence.