College Board supports Dream Act

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The College Board’s trustees voted unanimously to support passage of the Dream Act. The College Board is the same group that administers the SAT exam.

As usual, the story, in seeking “balance,” quotes some representative from FAIR saying how unfair the Dream Act will be to citizens. Every government measure has some inherent unfairness to it. One of my elderly friends used to say that we are only equal when we are born and when we vote. Despite the people in FAIR who hate immigrants and immigration, the vast majority of Americans support the Dream Act, which grants a pathway to citizenship to unlawful immigrants brought here when children.

The Dream Act is a needed piece of legislation. It has been introduced in the past. Yet, it has not made it into law despite widespread support. Why not? Sometimes, lawmakers hold a bill hostage to get more concessions from those who are strong on the bill but light on wider reforms. Sometimes, those on the margins support a popular bill so as to avoid taking a stand requiring some courage such as supporting wider reforms.