Cuba and USA to reopen talks on immigration

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Here is the report from the Washington Post.

When I think of Cuba, I always think about when I was in law school in the early 1990s and my early career as an attorney. I represented many Cuban citizens who came to the USA as part of the Mariel Boatlift. The boatlift was in 1980 but the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service held many “Marielitos” in indefinite detention pending their supposed eventual repatriation to Cuba. This idea was a fiction as Cuba was not accepting back any Marielitos. So, these indefinite detentions were really indefinite prison sentences. My work consisted of helping Marielitos with their cases before Cuban Review Panels (where a lucky few might get immigration parole after being interviewed by a panel of immigration officers which usually seemed to be Border Patrol officers) as well as litigating one case in federal court, which was my first win in a habeas corpus case.