United States Customs and Border Protection maintains two Ports of Entry in Oklahoma:

Port of Entry-Oklahoma City
4300 Highline Blvd., Ste. 250
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Port of Entry-Tulsa
2222 N. Cargo Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74115

These Ports of Entry fall within the Houston Field Office of Customs and Border Protection.

Both of the Oklahoma Ports of Entry conduct deferred inspections. According to CBP, “Deferred inspections are used when an immediate decision concerning the immigration status of an arriving traveler cannot be made at the port of entry due to a lack of documentation. On a case-by-case basis, the port of entry may schedule the traveler to report to a Deferred Inspection Site at a future date in order to present the necessary documentation and/or information. The traveler will be given an Order to Appear-Deferred Inspection, Form I-546, explaining what information and/or documentation is required to resolve the discrepancy.”

Any person set for a deferred inspection should contact our office prior to appearing at CBP.