House Bill 1804 similar to 1930s ‘Anti-Okie Law’

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From October 30, 2007

I participated in a press conference yesterday regarding House Bill 1804, which even though it is ethnicity neutral on its face is understood by almost everyone to be anti Mexican as some Oklahomans do not like the influx of persons of Mexican heritage (legal or otherwise).

According to Wikipedia:

In 1937, California passed the so-called “Anti-Okie Law” (Section 2615 St. 1937, p. 1406) which stated, “Every person, firm or corporation, or officer or agent thereof that brings or assists in bringing into the State any indigent person who is not a resident of the State, knowing him to be an indigent person, is guilty of a misdemeanor,” The statute was eventually overturned in 1941 by Edwards v. California (314 U.S. 160). Edwards had brought his brother-in-law from Texas to California and was convicted and sent to prison for six months.