ICE opens investigation unit in Tulsa

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ICE opened a new investigations unit in Tulsa, OK. The announcement stated that the investigators stationed in Tulsa will focus on gangs, human trafficking and drug trafficking.

I disagree with the mass deportations that we are currently undergoing on humanitarian grounds as they tear apart many good families and legal grounds as many of the unlawfully present foreign nationals came into custody outside the rule of law. As a country founded on an idea and one in which the rule of law reigns supreme, we cannot allow law enforcement officers to violate the Constitutional rights of persons because immigration enforcement happens to be the flavor of the moment. “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice…” When law officers act outside the law it undermines justice. Justice only works when everyone follows the rules. And, further, it only works when we have judicial review where there is some element of discretion on the part of the judge. The former administration robbed foreign nationals of access to justice. The prior administration, though, created laws which gave absolutely no incentive for foreign nationals to leave the United States of America to adjust status as they face no reasonable prospect of being able to return lawfully.

While I disagree with the mass deportation scheme started by former Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff, I strongly support ICE’s gang enforcement as well as its investigation of human trafficking. I hope that the new Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano focuses ICE on these core good versus evil issues rather than the former Secretary’s use of ICE for mass deportations.