‘Immigration For All’ comes up again

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I wrote this last April 28, 2008, after this story appeared in The Oklahoman. This week in Immigration Court the name came up in relation to a fellow who had done nothing except have papers filed for him by this group. In essence, the gentleman would not have been in trouble absent improper paperwork being filed by this company.


In Okahoma City, every so often, rumors fly about a company from Colorado coming to town and taking a lot of money from local businesses to get status for undocumented workers.

The company in these rumors is always called Immigration For All, Immigration Services For Everyone or Servicios De Migracion Para Todos LLC.

The Daily Oklahoma wrote a positive article about this company without any verification that it actually does anything for anyone. The Oklahoman does not point to a single success in the story of actually helping anyone other than the childhood friend of the company’s representative.

In the meantime, be very careful…

First, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment issued a warning about a company called Servicios De Migracion Para Todos LLC. The warning stated: “We have been advised that this company may be offering its services to potential customers by claiming that it has the full endorsement of the Department of Labor and Employment. We want it clearly understood that the Department of Labor and Employment does not endorse the products or services of any company.”

Second, the company representative states: “We sit down with them. They tell us how many undocumented people they have. Where they are in the process,” Oboliy said. “Then we get ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) on the speaker phone with the client in the room. And we just ask, ‘What needs to happen to get these workers legal?’” I suggest asking Immigration For All to give you the name, title and telephone number of this person from ICE with whom they talk with on the phone in these meetings. Ask if you can come to the ICE field office in Oklahoma City to visit them in person. The ICE field office in Oklahoma City is a large building at Meridian Ave. and S.W. 44th St. in Oklahoma City. It says “Department of Homeland Security” on the outside. Ask the Immigration For All guy to drive out there with you and walk in to meet his ICE officer contact. I’d ask the Immigration For All guy to meet me there to introduce me to his ICE contact. Please note that ICE is the enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security. The actual part of DHS that handles visas, adjustment of status and employment authorization documents is CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Third, have Immigration For All put everything they are going to do for you in writing. If they say they can do something for sure, then ask for a written guarantee.

Fourth, please note that this company is not a law firm. It claims to be a non-profit in the news story. Only a lawyer or a law firm can protect its clients with attorney-client privilege. What does that mean? It means that if you talk to this company or provide them sensitive information that it could be discoverable by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Fifth, as it is not a law firm, ask them how they can provide legal representation to matters pending before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Do they enter an appearance on your behalf by filing a G-28.

Sixth, ask them how they are going to provide a pathway to lawful presence in the United States. Is it going to be through family based immigration? Is it going to be by obtaining non-immigrant or immigrant status through employment?

Seventh, pay for a half hour consultation with a local immigration attorney to see if what Immigration For All proposes can be done. Ask the immigration attorney how much those services would cost from his or her office if those services can indeed be fruitful. You might be surprised to find out that the lawyer charges the same or less than the non-lawyer.

Eight, review the company’s website. Please note the following disclaimer from the company’s website: “We can not guarantee you the results of your case because every case is different and it’s a case by case process, we can only guarantee you that the documents are properly translated and prepared professionally. We are not attorneys so we cannot give legal advise. Please consult with an attorney with any legal questions.”