Interesting portrait of one ‘wannabe’ immigrant from the New York Times

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The story is here.

Similar stories to how this man died happen everyday all over the world. Person in detention is sick. Person gets denied prompt and proper care by those holding him. Person dies. Those who hold him try to cover it up. We are not all those other places in the world that deny basic rights to people.

No doubt this man deserved to be removed from the United States for abusing our immigration system. No doubt he should have been held responsible.

One of the problems in law is that we tend to hold the little man more responsible than all the other players. For example, in workers compensation, there is some sort of fraud in five percent of cases. This is my personal estimate. The legal system generally only holds the claimant responsible in cases of fraud while ignoring the five percent of fraud by insurance companies, medical providers, employers and others in the system.

The same thing happens in immigration. There is a certain level of abuse of the system by immigrants. No doubt it is there. But, there is also abuse at CIS, ICE, CBP and EOIR. Ever hear about accountability among those folks? Nope, and chances are that will not change as almost all the enforcement is put on the immigrant. A little bit is put on those who unlawfully employ them. And, slim to none at all is put on everyone else. It’s an American tradition.