Minutemen protest wise police policy in Utah and shout at Hispanic workers

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Cheers to Salt Lake City, UT, for not cross training local police officers in immigration enforcement. Twenty so-called Minutemen showed up on Monday in Salt Lake City to protest the decision. They ended up shouting at Hispanic construction workers to “go home.”

On November 1, 2007, when I spoke at the State Capitol, before a silent protest of Oklahoma’s anti-immigrant House Bill 1804, about 20 angry Minutemen showed up there as well. About all they did was cause trouble. They yelled at some young Hispanic women who were citizens, permanent residents and business owners to “go home” as well. I’m glad to report that all those young women are now all United States citizens. They are great assets to our community in Oklahoma City. This is their home.

The authorities in Salt Lake City made a wise decision. Local and state immigration enforcement efforts continue to cause all immigrant communities in Oklahoma to lose trust in state and local law enforcement.