Some immigrant leaders urge a census boycott

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The story is here.

This sort of seems like a political black ops sort of thing. In essence, persons opposed to something spread around a lot of money to leaders of groups who should be for the same thing. However, money makes a difference and so those who should be for something end up going out into the public and convincing their supporters to essentially do things that do not support their group but really support the opposition.

My take: I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but anyone of any sort of intelligence who believes that a boycott of the census will help any group in the United States needs to check their heads. Boycotts can be a good thing. The Montgomery Bus Boycott, which started in 1955, was genius. Three-fourths of the riders of the buses were black. Yet, they were made to give up their seats for white passengers. Due to the public transit system knowing its ridership before and after the start of the boycott, everyone knew the impact of the boycott.

However, in the case of the census, essentially, these misguided immigrant leaders are asking people to boycott riding buses when they’ve never even been riders. Any impact will be speculation.

I’ve been involved in campaigns from the legislative to congressional level. Do you know what gets the attention of politicians? NUMBERS. If politicians know the demographics of their constituents, then they will react accordingly. The only way to put that information into the hands of politicians so they can start serving their immigrant constituents better is for full participation by the different immigrant communities in the 2010 census. Anything else would be misguided and the impetus for any census boycott should be questioned.