That Lawyer…

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THAT lawyer.

The one whose name I find on criminal cases that I review for immigration consequences.

There is actually more than one THAT lawyer. When families contact my firm for help with a foreign national held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after a criminal conviction, I normally review the criminal file at the courthouse first. And, more often than not, THAT lawyer’s name is on the file.

Who is THAT lawyer?

  • He is the attorney who holds himself out to one or more immigrant communities as a lawyer of the people.
  • He is the lawyer who somehow associates with an immigration attorney and gets referrals of immigrant clients.
  • He is the criminal lawyer soliciting unrepresented clients at the courthouse.

What do they all have in common? They never attend training in the area of crimes and immigration. I go out of state regularly to get that training. And, surprise, I’ve never seen THAT lawyer at a national training session.

So, here I am again, at the courthouse, I am looking at a criminal case file. And, because of THAT lawyer, I’m looking at a mess. A big mess. I’m looking at something that might have been a fair fight to fix prior to THAT lawyer mucking everything up. And, now, my heart sinks when thinking of the effort it will take to right things.

If you do not want to hire me, then that is fine. But, please let me refer you to someone with some training or experience in immigration and crimes. I’d rather do that than ever look at another mess created by THAT lawyer.